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. complete bay area news coverage. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. the death toll rises in the san bruno explosion and fire. authorities now say seven people are dead and six others are mission. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello again, everyone, i'm heather holmes. we learned a short time ago that the horrific inferno claimed more lives. as rescuers searched through the blast zone. we are getting a closer look at the sheer power of that blast and the fire that followed
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destroying 37 homes and damaging eight others. and there are new questions tonight about the pipes that ruptured and why its location in a neighborhood made it so dangerous. deborah villalon has the latest developments. >> reporter: heather, we are at one of the check points that circle the neighborhood. it is a third night out of their home for evacuees. they hope that sometime tomorrow they will be able to get back in to the un damaged areas. and by tomorrow we expect that death toll to rise again. crews with specially trained dogs are getting deeper into the ruins of these homes, now that the rubble has cooled. >> there is still a couple of people unaccounted for, a couple. >> reporter: senator barbara boxer toured the decimated area today and was struck by how normal the evening must have been before the blast. cars in driveways, families arriving home. >> here was just a beautiful, ordinary day.
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it's a heartbreaker. and when you see that huge piece of pipeline. >> reporter: a pipeline investigators now say was not seamless steel after all but had welded sections. although its repair history is still murky. >> we don't have a record of one of our crews being there at that time. >> pg&e's president said the line was odour eyed so it would emit a tell tale sign but calls for service hasn't turned it up. >> this is class 3 pipe. >> reporter: class 3 according to the ntsb refers too high risk, high pressure line in a densely populated area. and investigators admit this line had no automatic shut-off to kill the gas flow when it ruptured. >> the valves are both sides of this, of this pipe release are manual valves. they are not automatic. >> reporter: and the crater left behind is almost 170 feet
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long and 26 feet wide. the explosion rocketed this 28- foot section out of the ground and 100 feet down the streets. a force so powerful, so deadly and possibly lurking under other neighborhoods. the push is on to locate and check similar transmission lines. how many of these pipelines lie close to residential areas and those are the kinds of inspections i would like to see done first. >> reporter: pg&e says they have re inspected three other gas transmission lines here on the peninsula. but, of course, can't attest to the many others there are throughout the bay area. again, the death toll tonight has more than doubled to seven, with six people still missing. reporting live in san bruno, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. and we have learned tonight that three of the missing are members of one family. william bullis, his father greg and greg's 80-year-old mother
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lavonne are all missing. they say the family lives on claremont drive in the worst hit area. they say they have called all of the hospitals but the three are still unaccounted for. >> we also know what happened to at least two other victims. 20-year-old jessica moral es was with her boyfriend at his home. a friend says that the explosion and fire trapped the two inside the home. morales died and gomez was critically injured. >> state investigators plan to investigate claims that san bruno residents noticed a natural gas smell in the days and weeks before thursday's explosion. the california public utilities commission has established a toll-free telephone number. you see it there on your screen. the e-mail is sbfire @
11:35 pm an easy way to find all of this information is by going to our website at residents of the burned out sanbruno neighborhood gathered to get the latest information about the disaster and find out when they might be able to get into their homes gwen -- again. ktvu was there and has this report. >> reporter: they held a town hall meeting. though the worship center was hot tempers remained mostly cool. the most asked question got answered first. >> we will be announcing the specifics of the re-entry time and location tomorrow morning. we currently anticipate that that re-entry will begin at noon tomorrow. >> most folks seemed to accept the wait. >> i know the power is out all along that street. so, you know, it's limited what you can do up there anyway.
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>> reporter: but stress counsellors say they still worry. >> especially their photographs are still there. more than anything else that their photographs are still there. >> reporter: community centers have many, many purposes but none so important as what's going on here right now. >> right now i am helping friends. >> reporter: booth after booth dealing with everyone from getting lost ids back to repairing or rebuilding their homes. >> and can they get some money from pg&e to hold them through? >> we are providing free hotels, rental cars. and we are also providing money for general expenditures for people in need as well. >> pg&e gave us a $1,000 credit card to tsunami incidentals that we might have at this time. we are also getting two nights at the embassy suite which tells me that probably we won't get in tonight. >> reporter: sheer insurers say california's never-ending disasters have prepared them well for this. >> as far as the public we are
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ready because we deal with it every day. >> reporter: pg&e is inspecting every pipe in this area and every major pipe on the peninsula and will be finished with that tonight. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. in the coming days, dozens of sanbruno homeowners will be filing claims with the insurance company. they say the damage could exceed $1 billion. in a filing with the securities and exchange commission the utility says it's insurance my not be enough and they may need to cover some expenses out-of- pocket. the acting governor delivered get well wishes to some of the victims of the explosions and fire. he visited the san francisco general hospital this afternoon to dropped off fruit baskets to those hospitalized there after the fire. he signed an executive order that should help smooth the recovery process. >> to expedite unemployment insurance. expedite record keeping and
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coordinate all state agencies in the state to help all of the family members and victims of the sanbruno fire. >> he is acting governor while governor schwarzenegger is out of the state on a trade mission in asia. while there he received a call from president obama offering his condolences over the loss of lives. mr. obama also offered the federal government's help in the wake of the deadly explosion and fire and assured the governor that resources would be available if needed during the recovery effort. the red cross and other charities are helping the victims of the explosion say they have been overwhelmed with donations. food, clothing, baby supplies and other items have been flooding in at the veteran's memorial center in sanbruno. now the red cross says it is out of storage space so asking for cash donations instead. donors can call the red cross toll free. or donations can be made thru the mail at this address or
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online at red cross bay once residents get the green light to go back to their homes will they? thursday's disaster leaves a cloud over the community and questions in the minds of some residents. we will explore the future of the sanbruno neighborhood at 10:30. >> in other news tonight the day is the 11th of september. across the nation people took time to honor the almost 3,000 americans who died 9 years ago when a band of muslimy lots highjacked four commercial airplanes turning them into weapons aimed at innocent men and women. twin beams of blue light pierced the night sky, a silent tribute to to those inside the building. >> reporter: a gaping hole in the heart of manhattan. it is here our attention first turned on the 11th of september
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9 years ago. we now call it ground zero. it is halloed ground in the united states. >> please join us and all new yorkers in a moment of silence. (bell ringing). >> on this anniversary and every day for nine years now, americans are drawn theory. they pause and mourn, shed tears and remember. >> jane joseph mccallery, jr. >> brian gerard mcclose. >> while new york cannot forgot, others will not forget. an un remarkable field in obscure pennsylvania was never a target, but it is here where two first ladies came today to honor those onboard flight 93. >> this peaceful place was not chosen by the terrorists. they had other targets for their violence and hate. this spot was chosen by the
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passengers of flight 93 who spared our country from even greater horrors. >> september 11th is now a national day of service. president obama volunteered, picking up a paint roller at a middle school in the nation's capital before crossing the potomac for a memorial ceremony at the pentagon. >> nine years have now passed. in that time, we have shed more tears than we will ever know. and though it must seem some days as though the world has moved on to other things, i say to you today that your loved ones endure in the heart of our nation now and forever. >> meantime the pastor of a small florida church called off his plans today to burn the koran. pastor terry jones decided not to burn copies of the islamic holy book, saying god was telling him not to. jones was in new york today hoping to meet with the muslim
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cleric in charge of a proposed islamic center near ground zero. jones does not support the center's location. his earlier calls for a koran burning prompted outrage among muslims worldwide with protests continuing day in afghanistan. >> the bay area came together to mark the anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. they put up a flag display on the boulevard overpass on highway 24. the flags first went up on the overpass just three days after the september 11th attacks. the tradition has continued ever since. those who participated today also reflected on what it means to be an american. >> this country is amazing. just the opportunities that we get to do. and living out our dreams, just being americans, a great experience. and it's awsome. >> today's event also included a speech by one of the survivors of the new york city attack. the grassroots group lafayette
11:43 pm
flag brigade puts on the ceremony each year. >> firefighters put up their annual display of 343 flags in front of four fire stations in honor of the firefighters who died in the attacks. flags are meant to unite rescue workers and emergency responders nationwide under the theme "we will never forget." more on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks including a slide show. you will find it by going to ktvu, channel 2 news and clicking on the u.s. and world news tab. >> a dog attack wakes up a bay area neighborhood. how the response of is not might have saved a woman's life. >> a key piece of evidence arrives today in new orleans. what role it played in the deadly oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. >> parenting goes high tech.
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. police in fairfield are investigating a vicious attack by three dogs. the animals mauled one woman and then turned on a pregnant woman before two men with guns finally brought the ordeal to an end. ktvu's john sasaki reports. >> reporter: it happened around 6 a.m. in this peaceful fairfield neighbor. 52-year-old dental hygienist went for a run yesterday morning and ran right into three big dogs. >> they very visciously attacked her from all sides. >> craig is a doctor who has
11:46 pm
worked with her for 20 years. he says she suffered serious nerve damage in her dominant right arm. >> it's doubtful that she will have the ability to work as a hygienist for us in the future. i hope she can. but it's doubtful. >> that she survived at all is amazing, especially when you consider what the animals were trying to do. >> they were actually had her body up off the ground and they were trying to end her apart. >> fortunately, this resident came out of his house armed with his walter ppk handgun. >> the lead dog came up and i shot him in the head. and then he just dropped right there. >> reporter: but as the other two dogs continued their assault his gun jammed. >> and i couldn't do anything with the other two dogs except try to distract them, you know, so it is kind of me trying to unjam my gun. >> just then two other women came running up the street and the two dogs went after them. one of the women was pregnant. >> those two dogs went right
11:47 pm
for them. and they took down the pregnant woman. you know, and they started chewing on her. >> neighbor john betancourt also came outside armed with a handgun. he shot the two dogs before they could seriously hurt the pregnant woman. >> in speaking with officers at the scene, they said that they truly felt that had the neighbors not interfered and come to their aid that at least the first victim probably would not have survived. >> actually, john, this is for you. >> oh, thank you. >> this afternoon neighbors stopped by with flowers for the men. everyone here is relieved the two men were ready to act. >> i was really glad both gary and john had gun skills. i mean, if there was a place on this block that it could have happened these are the two guys that could have taken care of it. >> the lead dog a bull mastiff have been destroyed and the two others pitbull type mixes with likely soon follow. the owners could face criminal charges. in fairfield i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the contra costa county
11:48 pm
coroner identified a body found in a home linked to a string of sleighings. police in hercules say the body is that of frederick sales who has been missing since his father ricardo's body was discovered in the same house two weeks ago. it is not clear how frederick sales died. investigators discovered the body two days ago concealed in a downstairs closet. valdemoro is the prime suspect in the death of these men and three women. they followed him after a pursuit and found the body of his girlfriend signed at this tran in his car. firefighters on the peninsula say four children and three adults are homeless tonight after a fire damaged their apartments. the fire started just before 2 p.m. in east palo alto on the 600 block of scottfield avenue. the park fire department spokesman says it appears that the fire started in a shed, moved into the garage and downstairs unit. and then spread upstairs. firefighters contained most of the damage to the garage.
11:49 pm
there are no reports of injuries. and no word yet on what sparked the fire. >> crews this morning removed a tugboat from the petaluma river five days after it leaked oil into the water. the 0-foot 60 fool tugboat was being salvaged when it began to leak oil. it spread from hopper street to highway 101. no wildlife was reportedly affected by the spill. local, state and federal officials are working together to determine the cost of the response and the cleanup. in louisiana, the 300-ton device that failed to stop the massive gulf of mexico oil spill has arrived at a nasa facility. a barge carrying the blow-out preventor reached the new orleans facility this afternoon. government investigators plan to analyze the device to determine why it failed. the preventor is considered a key piece of evidence in the ongoing investigation. the april 20th explosion killed 11 people and spilled 206 million-gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico.
11:50 pm
>> well, from toxic salvage yards to green homes, an east oakland neighborhood reaches a momentous milestone. 54 newspaper environmentally friendly homes are on east avenue dedicated today. they were built by habitat humanity east bay. and volunteers over the past four years. this area sat idle after a storage yard closed. but now an affordable development, the largest and greenest family development in the state. family apps are becoming more and more popular. they are able to track their childrens' whereabouts with the click of a mouse. but there is growing concern about the safety and the device. claudia cowan looks at both sides of the debate. >> reporter: as they head off to school a growing number of students are being tracked not only by their teachers but by their parents at home. >> you never know in the safest
11:51 pm
of situations whether it be kidnapping or stranger danger or getting hurt or anything like that. you want to keep track. >> reporter: she puts gps devices into her kids' backpack and logs on to family 360 that for a fee let's her virtually follow along as her husband walks patrick and shay an to school and check in on all of them throughout the day. >> making sure they got to where they were supposed to be, end of story. >> reporter: hardly say some critics who say family tracking could create a false sense of security. for instance, if the child becomes separated from the device that is supposed to be tracking them. internet privacy experts also caution if mom can see a map of her kids' whereabouts, so can someone else. >> before a parent decides to implement this technology they need to ask some really hard questions of the company that's offering t they need to know what kind of information is being gathered. how long is it being kept? who has access to it. when will it get deleted?
11:52 pm
>> live 360's ceo agrees it raises new moral and legal issues but argues tracking kids will soon be the norm. >> it's beyond just safety. every single electronic device is soon going to have a location associated with it. and that brings up a whole host of new products, as well as concerns. but it is really a new world and parents are really adopting this technology at a very quick rate. >> reporter: parents, yes. but whether kids like patrick and cheyenne will like to be tracked as teenagers remains to be seen. claudia cowan, fox news. >> their lives changed forever one day last year. coming up, the special gift the families of four fallen oakland officers received today. at the moment of the sanbruno explosion, just released surveillance video from a grocery store right down the street. see how the employees and the customers reacted. i don't we currently have dense fog hugging a good
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. more than a year after their lives were rocked by tragedy, the families of four slain oakland police officers learned they have not been forgotten. the fallen heroes foundation today gave 40,000 to the families of the police sergeants daniel and irvin and mark and officer john hagey all killed in the line of duty last year. the money was raised during a celebrity golf tournament at the diablo country club back in april. organizers said they felt compelled to do something for the families. >> when a tragedy like this happened there are immediate needs but long-term needs and consequences. he is easy to forget about that. that was our intent. organizers are already planning the second celebrity government tournament in june. >> in news of the world tonight in indian controlled kashmir,
11:56 pm
prayers marking the end of ramadan turned violent as tens of thousands of rioters set fire to building and cars. they marched through the streets chanting "we want freedom" referring to india's control of the region. police responded with teargas. violent protests have racked the region for months and dozens of people have been killed. >> in argentina two young women killed when the top level after nightclub collapsed. it happened at a disco hosting a private party. about 100 people were inside at the time. authorities are investigating what caused the floor to collapse. and in greece, police fired teargas to breakup massive protests over greece's new economic measures. the confrontations took place outside an annual trade fair where greece's prime minister proposed cutting corporate taxes. greece recently slashed government spending to get its deep debt crisis under control. an elderly man was arrested today when he threw a shoe at
11:57 pm
the prime minister. in san francisco tonight, a small group of people gathered to remember a very important moment in mohamed ghandi's non- violence movement. today marked the 104th anniversary of him declaring non-violent resistance in south africa. celebration took at the ghandi statue at the san francisco ferry building. they talked about using his philosophy in today's world. >> we want to talk about non- violence. we want to be the change we see in the world. we want to live and honor the idea and the philosophy of non- violence. activists used ghand i's dock run in their struggle for independence in india and south africa. >> would you move back in residents in sanbruno ponder what's next following thursday's explosion and deadly fire. >> and it has now been two months
11:58 pm
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>> the explosion in sanbruno on thursday evening was heard and felt down the street at a supermarket where this surveillance video was recorded. you can see the reactions of store employees the customers. some went running while others hit the ground. still others tried to get out the door with as you can see one man was falling as he ran. the blast was so powerful it was measurable on an earthquake scale as greater than a magnitude magnitude 1. >> wherever a major disaster strikes, people often wonder will it happen again? it can affect the property values, peace of mind and the quality of life. ktvu, channel 2 news consumer editor explores that issue. >> reporter: at sanbruno's emergency center people learn what programs and aid are
12:01 am
available to them. every important state and federal agency is present and more are coming. just outside a tent city of insurance companies and home restoration firms are standing by. this is a time for getting back on track. >> long after this center is closed, long after all of the bills are paid and the houses are rebuilt, the question remains, how secure will people feel around here knowing that pipe is still underneath them? >> i want to get out of there because of the pipe. it might blow up again. you know, we are scared to death. >> we have got to think in the back of our minds what is going on? i mean, someone has got to put this back together. >> reporter: at saturday afternoon's jam-packed town hall meeting pg&e was ambiguous about the pipeline's future. >> we will be assessing whether this pipeline can be used once we have a better sense of what happened, why it happened. >> reporter: some sanbrunos accept that this is a part of
12:02 am
living in an urban area. >> you need gas lanes, water lines, electrical. >> if i was worried about that i would probably go live, you know, in the desert somewhere. >> reporter: others rely on a higher power. >> we don't like safe and hope. we are going to let it in god's hands. >> for most it remains a question to ponder. >> reporter: do you think you can live in that neighborhood again successfully? >> i'm hoping. i raised my children there. i have been in sanbruno for 40, almost 50 years. >> reporter: major pipelines run throughout many parts of the bay area, under neighborhoods totally unaware that they are even there. i'm consumer editor tom vakar, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> even now, 48 hours later, it is difficult to comprehend the tremendous force of that explosion. take a look at this. before and after satellite images courtesy of google, what appears to be a typical residential neighborhood
12:03 am
basically disappears. take another look before you see homes and trees are nestled together. and after, the deadly pipeline explosion, more than a dozen homes have been wiped from the landscape. stay with ktvu, channel 2 news team for continuing coverage of the explosion and fire in sanbruno. throughout the weekend you will find updates online at palo alto officials may file a lawsuit against a california high-speed rail authority. city leaders have scheduled a closed-door meeting for september 20th to discuss the possibility of a suit. the city may challenge the validity of an environmental impact report the rail authority certified last month. officials say the documents fails to address the city's comments. it explains why they want to build it through the pass and the peninsula instead of the altimont pass. they approved the high-speed rail line in 2008. in san jose tonight, the reward for information on an arson this summer at an
12:04 am
elementary school has green. the fire at trace elementary school in july caused millions of dollars in damage. the san jose firefighters union had put up a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. now the san jose unified school district has kicked in an additional 5,000. the school has re-opened but rebuilding is expected to take two years. so far, no arrests have been made. police in yolo county say a 19-year-old driver was intoxicated and speeding when his suv crashed into a ditch and overturned early this morning, killing a 19-year-old woman. the crash occurred just before 3 a.m. on a dirt road about eight miles southeast of davis. investigators say nine people were in the suv, including six juveniles. 19-year-old crystal maria rodriguez of woodland was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. everyone else, except the driver, was seriously hurt. and airlifted to hospitals. environmental groups are voicing several objections
12:05 am
tonight in the final environmental report for a huge new development at lake tahoe's north shore. developers want to build a 300 room hotel, 10,000 square foot casino and 59 housing units at the sign of the old tahoe built more at crystal bay. but two prominent tahoe preservation groups say the eir under estimates the resort's traffic impact. and they object to the development's height and noise level. the developer says it hopes to create a pedestrian-friendly low impact resort. [ music ] comedy met compassion tonight at a star studied fundraiser in san francisco. the cause hundreds of people turned out for. >> we can see some major changes in ú ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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[ music ] >> well, a pretty nice day across the entire bay area. temperatures trended upwards with a few spots in land in the upper 80s to right around 90 degrees. right near the immediate shoreline with the fog. an increase in the fog over the past few hours. right now on the map some dense fog showing up near parts of the bay area shoreline as you can pick out. coming in closer to the coastline right around ocean beach and san francisco towards these neighborhoods. and once again, we could have reports of some dense fog first thing tomorrow morning. between, say, about 6:00 to 8:00 tomorrow with that fog really making a come back right near the immediate shoreline. even a few patches pushing back into the bay. as far as the temperatures from today you can see the warmup, most areas on average warmed up at 2 had been 4 degrees over
12:09 am
yesterday's readings. very nice? san francisco at 85 degrees. livermore and morgan hill right around 90 degrees. this is the look-out over the golden gate bridge covered by the fog. it squashes the marine layer and that's why we have reduced visibility. coastal fog for tonight. clear skies in land. temperatures will cool off for sense for the second half of the weekend. look at this in the extended forecast not the five day but beyond that we could be talking about some rain chances about a week from now. still just a chance but something we will be watching. as far as temperatures for tomorrow the rains from the 60s for the beaches. 70 around the bay. temperatures inland no more 90s. in land approaching the mid- 80s. this was the case for today with high pressure strengthening. this weak weather system moves in from the north. cool things off for tomorrow and also into monday. the micro climates resurfacing for the coast around the bay. the inland spots once again
12:10 am
sunny and warm. the temperatures back up into the comfortable range. here we go for tomorrow morning, areas of fogtargeting the coast and right around the bay, especially for san francisco. into the afternoon hours, mostly sunny skies. still keeping some patchy fog near parts of the bay area shoreline. fairfield at 85 degrees. oakland in the lower 70s. in these neighborhoods the temperatures coming down on average about 4-8 degrees from today's highs. san francisco is no longer in the 70s. only in the upper 60s at 67. here is a look ahead at the five day forecast. temperatures cooling off a little bit into monday. minor changes for wednesday. death areer and -- heather and ken want to talk about rain? >> no. >> but a possibility of rain into the weekend. have to iron out quite a few details over the weekend. >> we will look forward to that. >> thanks, mark. >> vent and charity came
12:11 am
together in san francisco when hundreds got together to raise money for kids with autism. it was a star studied event. celebrities including general any mccarthy noted bay area chefs to entertain the crowd and pass on information and understanding about autism. and the struggles the families with oughtist inning children face. >> when you have a kid with autism, you know, it's just deaf states the family. half of, i think more than half of families, you know, separate, divorce. so the more laughter we can bring in to this cause, the better. >> the event also featured artwork by children with autism. also a silent auction. all of it benefited two organizations working with oughtist inning children. the ryder foundation and generation rescue. >> we have a pennant race coming up the giants battle the padres for first place in the n- l west. >> also coming up we have the
12:12 am
e ret ma oilwi totr wco l wcote
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♪ the new jeep grand cherokee. ♪ [ music ] >> good evening, everyone. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. these days it's a new story every time you pick up the sports page in the national league after spending less than a day tied atop the n-l west, the giants are back behind the padres by a game. like last night, the two teams locked up in a 1-0 game. this time it was san diego with the lone run. courtesy of this opposite field homerun by your victoriaalba in the third inning.
12:15 am
the only blemish for baumgartner with just three hits allowed in his seven innings of works. the giants managed only three hits against the four padre pitchers. buster posey bounced into a 6-4- 3 double play to end the 6th. a double play ended the game. closer strikes out posey and tory alba throws darren ford out at second. both of these teams play according to their expected personalities. the last two games, strong pitching trying to scratch out the offense. they will play one more time tomorrow to finish the four game series. san diego on the good side of the 1-0 decision this time. the giants are back to one game behind the division. don't look now but here come the rockies only two and a half back after edging arizona for their 9th straight win. >> and things tightened up in the east. the braves alex gonzalez knows this shot is gone as soon as he hits it. it's a three run homerun in the 12th that gives the braves a 6- 3 win over the cardinals. atlanta is now tied with the phillies atop the n-l east.
12:16 am
the giants are two back in the wild card. firefighters honored at the oakland coliseum on this september 11th of 2010. the as pretty much putting an end to boston's playoffs hope this weekend. a brett anderson pitch in the third inning gave boston the 1- 0 lead. heading into the 7th the as struck against lackey. davis hit this one to center. it allows mark ellice to score. davis goes to third with the triple. the as got one more in the 8th. andrew bailie then allowed a run in the 9th. but paintrd david ortiz for the final out. 4-3 oakland which is seven games behind texas which edged the yankees. week two of the college football meant getting down to pack ten business which met tonight in the rose bowl. andrew luck and the cardinal
12:17 am
anticipating a much bigger test than sacramento state last week. stanford scored on the second offensive series, a systemic 61- yard drive on a run for the cardinals. late in the third quarter stanford padded the lead. owen goes both ways for the cardinals confirms into the ends zone from the yard out. and then just nine seconds later ucla quarterback kevin prince has the ball striped by michael thomas who takes it back the other way for a quick score and it is 28-0. luck then caps an extremely successful night with a three yard td pass to fleener. stanford wins its first in the rose bowl in 14 years and a shut-out to boot. 35-0. next up for the 2-0 cardinal, wake forest is next week at home. the university of colorado buffaloes will soon be in a new conference called the pac12. today at memorial stadium the california bears gave them a taste of what life in that new
12:18 am
conference might be like. as in last week's season opener the bears were a scoring machine. kevin riley to shane in the back of the end-zone produced the first points of the day. this is one of four td passes on the afternoon for riley. he gets put down. in fact, clearly illustrated on the replay. cal led 24-0 just before half- time and then colorado's tyler hanson made the left-handed throw he would like to have back. mike mohamed takes it back 41 yards the other way. 31-0cal with just 11 seconds left in the half a mistake filled day for the buffaloes who threw three interceptions and lost two fumbles. hanson completes this pass but he loses the ball as he is hit. the bears hagan grabs it out of the air and goes 82 yards for the score. hagan's dad who shares his name is the buffalo running-back's coach so he had to be just a little proud, even though it finished off a route. the bears roll for the second straight week. this time against a much better
12:19 am
opponent but by a lopsided 52- 7. they improve to 2-0. a tough two weeks for san jose state which opened up in alabama and took on wisconsin in madison. down 20-0 jones take a short pass from jordan and turns it into a 37-yard td play. 20-7 badgers after three. mike mcintire is happy to see them in the end zone for the first time this year. they didn't have an answer from clay. clay from the yard out for the 127-yard two td day. wisconsin wins 27-14. san jose falls to 0-2. part tans play their homeowner against utah. uc davis was out scored at home by portland state. 83-year-old joe paterno is still roaming the sidelines. norwood to won't be denied on this 36-yard play. mark ingram is still out.
12:20 am
but the tide rolls 42-3. number 12 miami a good matchup in columbus. prior starts left and then decides to head back to the right. that is 13 and prior's 113 rushing yards on the day. buckeyes 2-0 after this 36-24 win. >> notre dame's montana with some playing time against michigan. 8--17 for 104 with the pick. but michigan's robinson was the story. robinson breaks off an 87-yard run and a 258-yard game. this is the longest run ever at notre dame stadium. by the time robins was finished he was encountered for 500 yards on the day after a 28-24 win. oregon considered by some to be the class of the pack 10. michael james with a combination of good blocks, bad tackling and just plain good running on the way to a 72-yard score in the first game back after a one-game suspension. james runs for 134 yards after
12:21 am
spotting the ball a 13-0 lead. oregon storms back to win 48- 13. here is your upset of the day. drew dudsick with a swing pass to sullivan for james madison. that's virginia tech, sullivan is running through. the dukes pull off the 21-16 stuner. two weeks ago they were talking about a national championship. tonight they are 0-2. a key player locked up long- term by the 49ers as they approach the start of the new season. we will tell you about that when sports wrap conditions continues. and we will show introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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12:24 am
super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. . >> it took only 59 minutes this evening for kyle cleaning centers to become the first woman in almost a decade to win
12:25 am
the u.s. open tennis championship. some heavy hitters were on hand to see her take on her when it was over. klijsters gets her so stretched out she nearly does the splits. made it look even easier in the second point. at match point winning the second set 6-1 for the second year in a row. kim clijsters shares this with her two and a half-year-old daughter. this is her second u.s. world championship overall. roger feder was trying to win over nadal. he went on to win a three hour 45-minute five step marathon. nadal swept into the finals. so it will be nadal against
12:26 am
jokovich tomorrow. >> the sprint cup short track the sight under the lights. in a relatively uneventful race roiterman goes spinning. the big store which with hamlin who went from top to first with the top speed. it takes the finals into the cup which starts in new hampshire. >> the undefeated u.s. semi- finals basketball world championships lithunaia was winning. but steph currie took one shot and that was it, nothing but net. the bubble was burst as the u.s. wins 89-74 and will play host turkey in the gold medal game tomorrow. in women's pro soccer the bay area's gold pride finished off the regular seen with a 4-1 route of philadelphia. the pride won't play again until it hosts the league
12:27 am
championship game on the 26th of this month. mls the quakes even dallas played to a scoreless tied. san jose tied for fifth place in the west. one day before they open the new football season the 49ers have locked up vernon davis to a long-term contract. a five-year $37 million deal makes davis the highest paid tight-end in the league. here is what's happening here on channel 2 on fox tomorrow with the first nfl sunday of 2010. the fox pre-game at 9:00 followed by the panthers and giants at 10:00. the 49ers at seattle. and followed by the point after all here on channel 2 tomorrow. the raiders open up on the road at tennessee. we will see you tomorrow after the 49er game. >> all right. >> like the sound of that. >> i do, too. that looks fun. >> thanks, joe. >> that is our report for tomorrow night. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. from all of us have a good night.
12:28 am
hope to see you here tomorrow. >> good night. [ music ] for complete bay area news coverage stay with ktvu ktvu and ah, focus group. so what are we testing here? that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern. you inhale, they inhale.
12:29 am
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